Custom Orders

Birch Burl living room table. Before cutting the burl was approximately 400#. After drying for 5 years, it was cut and the center still had 31% moisture in it. 

Family is most important for me so I had this custom fire pit enclosure made for my brothers. 40" across and 16" deep. Guaranteed to hold a big fire.

Whimsical bear coffee table. It will withstand whatever the grandchildren throw at it.

Need a custom table fit for a queen or king. We can do it. This table is wide enough to display your gourmet meal in the middle while having room for your plates down the side. This one is extra wide.

Boy Scouts is very important in our family. My brother asked me to make a podium for him and this is what I came up with.

Custom live edge dining room table.

Bar Stools

Baby changing table

Boy Scout flag holder with wood burned imagery.

Diamond Willow Mail box. The owner puts 4x4's in the ground before winter to protect it from snowplows.

Display Case

While doing the Minnesota State Fair, two youngsters decided to watch the fox. They were waiting for it to move.

Webelo Crossover Bridge

Some pictures of natures beauty


Yum Yum